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Hello there. I am Angel. I am just a very sarcastic thirteen year old girl. I could talk about some annoying friend of mine, my likes and dislikes or something about the site. But what would that really tell you about me? I'm going to be totally honest here. And you shall get a sort of look in my boring life. I live a life where I have nothing to do and basically no hobbies. I do have a few talents though. My day kinda goes like this:

Wake up to something annoying
Talk to Lindsay (my sister)
Go downstairs and get on the computer
Sign on to my school site and AIM (I'm homeschooled)
See if Morgan (best friend ever!) is Idle, if she isn't say hi
Do school
Slack in chores
Say bye to Lindsay as she goes to her boyfriends everyday but Monday's
Finish school
Talk to Morgan
Do dumb things on the internet.

So as you can see, I have a very boring life. But I don't want to you look at me as a person who really doesn't care about anything. Because I do, it's just no one has really took the time to be my friend, or at least a good one to me. I will now tell you about some of my talents. I sew, skate, web-design, roleplay and a few other things, but those are the most important.

I love talking to people, so you email me at any time. fadingdo@donemyway.com :D Done my way